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The Tiny House Movement

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There’s a tiny movement that’s sweeping the nation, The Tiny House Movement that is. More and more Americans are opting out of living in traditional size home, about 2,600 sq. ft., and instead, choosing to live in a residential structure less than 400 sq. ft. Now that just for one person right? Wrong, these tiny homes are built to fit …


A’ALI’I: “Smart Living” in Kaka’ako

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Oahu has seen many new condominiums built in the past few years. From Kapolei, to Honolulu to Kailua, property development is widespread throughout the island. Amid the housing shortages on the island, the Howard Hughes Corporation has played an active role in developing many new properties in the Kaka’ako district of Oahu. So far, the Howard Hughes Corporation has completed …

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4 Reasons To Use a Real Estate Agent in Hawaii

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As you know, in the past ten to twenty years, we have seen significant technological advancements, specifically in computers and communications. The convergence of various technologies has made life more convenient which has changed the way many businesses operate. It should not come as a surprise that technology has facilitated the way we purchase and sell real estate. In this …

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2017 Oahu Real Estate Advice

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2016 marked the sixth consecutive year of price appreciation for residential real estate, with Oahu reaching record levels for median sales prices. Commercial real estate has also seen improvements with higher rental rates and lower vacancies overall. Residential In 2016 the median sales price for single family homes increased from $700,000 to $735,000 and for condominiums increased from $360,000 to …


Mililani Neighborhood Spotlight

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  The city of Mililani is known by many names, Hawaii’s first All-American City, the state’s third richest zip code, home of the Trojans or even as locals like to call it Millville. What ever name you want to call it, there’s a reason why this city is so high in demand when it comes to living.   Located in central …

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Kāne'ohe Spotlight

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     Kaneohe is one of the largest cities located on the Windward side of Oahu. In the Hawaiian language, kāne ʻohe means, “Bamboo Man” which was named after the legend of the man who discovered the sounds of the ohe hano ihu, bamboo nose flute.  In the late 1940’s King Kamehameha redistributed the land to commoners which became farming …

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Kahala Spotlight

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Among the treasures of Oahu’s rich history is the neighborhood of Kahala which is where Kamehameha the Great first landed on the island and began his most successful military campaign in in Old Hawaii.  The area was later used more for pig and cattle farms in the 1800s due to the favorable terrain as one of the few flat areas …

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Is 2016 The Top Of Oahu's Real Estate Market?

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What may be different about the top of the market in this cycle is that you won’t find dramatic drops in the interest rates followed by home buying hysteria.  You also won’t see much NINA (no income no asset verification) financing, or a double digit appreciation which we experienced in 2005.  The current interest rate of 3.75% for a 30 …


Airbnb & You

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Airbnb is one of the most popular online alternative accommodation companies which has led the way for House Bill 1850 to pass the legislature. House Bill 1850 allows transient accommodation companies to act as brokers to register as tax collection agents to collect and remit general excise and transient accommodations taxes on behalf of operators using their services. It also …