Tropical Luxury Home, Exterior View with Green Lawn and Driveway


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Amid this week’s declared state of emergency by Hawaii Governor, David Ige, it is clearer now more than ever that there is a dire need for affordable housing in the state of Hawaii. In an effort to remedy Oahu’s housing shortages, the City Council of Honolulu passed Bill 20 in an effort to facilitate the development of Accessory Dwelling Units, or ADU’s. According to …

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5 Affordable Home Decor Ideas

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It doesn’t have to take a long time or break the bank to upgrade your house. Here are some economic home decor ideas to freshen up your house. You can make a difference in your place with small change! 1. Paint the Ceiling People often forget about the ceiling, but it has so much potential. Depending on the color of a ceiling, your place can look …

Trendy Ideas to Maximize Storage and Entertaining Space

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Whether you're planning a remodel or in the beginning stages of designing your new home, the use of space plays an essential role in the look and feel of your home when it is complete.  Here are some trendy tips to help you maximize your storage space and entertaining rooms to help you along the way: 1) Multiple Uses of the Garage Garage use is being expanded …

DIY Landscaping

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Need to remodel your front yard but don't have the funds to do it?  Although it may not be "as easy as pie", here are some ways you can have a beautifully landscaped yard without spending your hard-earned money and maybe get a little tanned while doing it: 1) Make the flower beds about four to six feet wide. This ensures you …

A Clean Slate

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Start with a clean slate by decluttering your home. Here are some tips: 1) Begin with a room you can finish in a day. The goal is completion! 2) Schedule the day or weekend into your calendar. 3) Organize bins/bags into the following (Keep, Sell, Donate, Recycle, Trash). 4) Separate items into those categories. Remember that 20% of what you …