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Keeping Your Home Pest Free!

If you are thinking of moving to Hawaii, there is a saying which many people are familiar with: “There are two types of properties: those that have pests and those that will have pests.” Although this is largely true of any home in a tropical climate, there are many preventative measures homeowners can take to manage or perhaps even prevent their infestations. Keeping your home clean is a 24/7 responsibility that many homeowners are are not consistent with. By not keeping your property clean, homeowners invite pests into their home. Some of the many different types of pests on Oahu include a variety of different cockroaches, centipede, ants, spiders and even scorpions (do not worry, these are less frequently encountered).

So what are some basic preventative steps that you can take to help keep your property free and clear of these little monsters? To your advantage, some of these steps have multiple benefits!

Tip 1: Keep your home clean!

Of course, bugs are attracted to open container foods and damp surfaces. In this connection, within a home, it is common to find pests in kitchen areas. It is for this reason that dishes should always be washed daily and all surfaces (in and outside of the kitchen) should be wiped clean. Completing this task will not only detract insects from making a home, but it will also help keep moisture buildup away from the walls and cabinetry within your home.

Tip 2: Manage your trash!

Even if you keep your counters spotless and dry, your floors polished and, have everything in their rightful place, you still cannot neglect your trash. By leaving bottles and cans unclean before disposing, various pests can be attracted to your trashcan. Deodorize your trash with an air freshener and contain any scents with a cover.

Tip 3: Treat your home regularly!

If your property is a condo or a single-family home, it helps to have your home treated regularly, particularly if pests have been known to occupy the area. Hiring a pest control specialist to visit your home regularly can do a lot to manage infestations.

In this connection, if you ever decide to place your home on the market, Buyers will be glad to know that the property does not contain any heavy infestations . Please see below for a list of different Termite and Pest control vendors:

Kama’aina Termite and Pest Control


Aloha Termite & Pest Control