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The city of Mililani is known by many names, Hawaii’s first All-American City, the state’s third richest zip code, home of the Trojans or even as locals like to call it Millville. What ever name you want to call it, there’s a reason why this city is so high in demand when it comes to living.

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Kailua of Windward Oahu has had settlement of Hawaiian families as far as 1,500 years ago and eventually became home to ali’i in the 1600s. This gave birth to the legends of menehune working in Kawainui Marsh and other historical references to this part of Oahu.

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If Kaka’ako is a name that you are not already familiar with, it certainly should be. Located just 2 miles from Waikiki and 1.5 miles from Downtown, Kaka’ako is perfect for residents who need to be closer to work and or close to the action of Waikiki.

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Aiea is a town on the southern coast of Oahu Island. Situated on the eastern edge of Pearl Harbor, Aiea lies on the major highway from Honolulu to Wahiawa and Kapolei. In the mid-1900s, Aiea was the home to one of the largest sugar producing industries and was the headquarters for sugar-refining, refining locally grown sugar cane for the island.

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Waikele and Waipio Gentry

Looking for a neighborhood with a great community, good schools, the best shopping you could ask for and a regional park that hosts almost any type of sporting or community event? Then living in Waipio Gentry or Waikele is where you want to be. Located in Central Oahu in the city of Waipahu, Waipio Gentry and Waikele were among the best suburbs to live in 2016, according to data from the US census.

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Nuuanu Valley is located on the island of Oahu from the Koolau Mountains to downtown Honolulu. It is the connecting point for the windward and leeward coasts of Oahu. Nuuanu Valley attracted many settlers who formed villages in the area. In an effort to unite the Hawaiian islands, Kamehameha I sailed from Hawaii Island and brought the island of Oahu under his rule in 1795.

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Kaneohe is one of the largest cities located on the Windward side of Oahu. In the Hawaiian language, kāne ʻohe means, “Bamboo Man” which was named after the legend of the man who discovered the sounds of the ohe hano ihu, bamboo nose flute. In the late 1940’s King Kamehameha redistributed the land to commoners which became farming land used to cultivate rice and taro from the Kaneohe stream.

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Kapolei is located on the “leeward” side (West Oahu) at the foot of the Waianae Mountain Range on the Ewa Plain. In the late 1800s, Industrialist James Campbell purchased approximately 41,000 acres of the Ewa Plain including the area known today as the city of Kapolei. After drilling water wells to irrigate this barren leeward land, Campbell built a plantation for sugar-cane production.

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Among the treasures of Oahu’s rich history is the neighborhood of Kahala which is where Kamehameha the Great first landed on the island and began his most successful military campaign in in Old Hawaii. The area was later used more for pig and cattle farms in the 1800s due to the favorable terrain as one of the few flat areas on the island.

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Hawaii Kai is located on the Southeast part of the island of Oahu. Sandwiched between the neighborhoods of Kaimuki and Kahala on west end and Waimanalo on the east. Hawaii Kai was once a large fishpond and wetlands area then later developed by Henry John Kaiser, an American industrialist whose company built ships during WWII and the founder of Kaiser Permanente Health Care.

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The famous Waikiki is the primary destination in Hawaii for visitors from all over the world. “Waikiki”, which means, “sprouting fresh water” is known for hotels, popular shopping areas such as, the Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center and Kalakaua Avenue. Waikiki is also known for its popular beaches like Duke Kahanamoku Beach, Fort Derussy Beach Park and, Prince Kuhio Beach.

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